Discover the fascinating Salzburg – tips of our hotel

Salzburg UNESCO world cultural heritage site – a austrian city spanning the traditional and the modern

Salzburg is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Strolling through the winding alleys of the old city you can find traces of the Medieval, Romantic, Renaissance, Baroque and elegant Classical town houses. And high above the city, the Hohensalzburg fortress sits on its throne, one of the best-kept medieval castles in Europe, which offers visitors a panorama view of the city.

Alongside all the impressive history, Salzburg also has a modern side: New theatre and dance performances, the unique Hangar-7 work of art at Salzburg Airport and the "Museum der Moderne" set a contemporary and fresh tone.

Lonely Planet chooses Salzburg as top city 2020

The publisher of travel guides Lonely Planet chose Salzburg as the number one city to visit in 2020. They based their decision on the 100-year anniversary of the Salzburg Festival, the baroque old town (UNESCO world heritage), the vast amount of exhibitions, readings, plays and concerts and of course the 900-year-old clifftop fortress and the panoramic views.

The New York Times acknowledges Salzburg as well in their 52 Places to Go in 2020 list.


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Music & Culture

Kultur in Salzburg | © Kultur in Salzburg

In Salzburg you can find the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and listen to the Salzburger Orchester in the Mozarteum. Or visit the Salzburger Landestheater or one of the many Salzburg Museum.


Zoo Salzburg | © Salzburg Zoo

Come and visit the Zoo in Salzburg! You can find a lot of different animals here living in a terrain of 14 hectare. Or the Mönchbergsaufzug which is a ca. 15 minutes walk away from the Salzach. From here you arrive at the Festspielhaus Salzburg after further 5 minutes.

Churches & Castles

Schloss Hellbrunn | © Schloss Hellbrunn Salzburg

The churches in Salzburg show the influence of the Catholic Church on the city of Salzburg. So you can find the oldest still existing monastery in Salzburg - the monastery Sankt Peter. Beside the numerous small churches there is the huge Salzburger Dom where the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised.


The fine way to eat and drink

Salzburger Küche | © Salzburger Küche

The high quality of the Austrian cusine is famous all around the world. Especially Salzburg is a Mekka for foodies: “Salzburger Krautspatzen”, venion ragout with bread dumplings and chanterelle cream sauce, as well as the excellent cheese and dairy products. Not to forget the delicious desserts such as “Salzburger Nockerln”, Guglhupf and “Kaiserschmarrn”.


Hohensalzburg | © Schloss Hohensalzburg

The former alley for manufacturer can be found after a 10 minutes walk from our hotel. Here you can see beautiful old houses, go shopping in the many stores, or eat in a traditional hostelry.

Stronghold Hohensalzburg

Salzburger Dom | © Salzburger Dom

Visit the famous Festung Hohensalzbug, one of the largest strongholds in Europe. During his 900 years of history the stronghold was not only a defensive fortification but a residence, a casern and a prison.

Garden and Parks

entspannen Salzburg | © entspannen Salzburg

Enjoy the fountains in the park of Schloss Hellbrunn - the famous heart of this magnificent renaissance building. Or walk through the huge garden from Schloss Mirabell.


Shopping Salzburg | © Shopping Center in Salzburg

Walk through the old town to see the traditional clothings or shops with a long history. On the markets you can find fresh products from the region. Salzburg also has some shopping malls to see.